entwined is a podcast about how so much of the world around us is wound or twisted together.  This podcast strives to lay bare unexposed or indiscernible connections using historical and anecdotal sources.  The two men responsible for the show are Elliot Gladstone and P.S. McKay.  Podcasts are released about twice a month and the co-hosts take turns researching, writing and hosting episodes.  You can expect a special edition episode where both co-hosts go into detail about their favorite topics and discuss past episodes about once every three months. Gladstone and McKay each have different writing, and communication styles which contributes to the uniqueness of the show. 

Written, researched & produced by P.S. Mckay & Elliot Gladstone


P.S. McKay

P.S. Mckay is one of two writers, researchers, and hosts of the entwined podcast. P.S. wrote and self published Chrysalis (The Changeling Chronicles Book 1) in 2013 and is currently working on the second book in the series. You can purchase a copy of his book HERE.  McKay grew up in New England and now lives with his wife and two kids on the West Coast.  

Elliot Gladstone

Elliot Gladstone also writes, researches and hosts the entwined podcast.  Gladstone is a published poet, amature photographer, and is currently working on his first novel which he hopes to complete before the end of the year. Gladstone lives with his wife and four children in Central California and has been told he makes a pretty good guacamole.