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Monthly Support

The best way to support the show is through our Patreon creator page.  In exchange for a monthly donation to the show you will receive rewards based on your individual level of support.  We love all of our listeners but a donation through Patreon allows us to reward your generosity.  

One-time Donation

Some of you may not want the level of intimacy included with a recurring donation but still want to support the show.  Don't worry there is absolutely an option for you.  Go ahead and hit the button below to send a one-time donation today.                                     

Why should you contribute?

It takes time to research, write, record, and edit one of our shows.  Each show is different but McKay and Gladstone spend between 10 and 15 hours per show from the moment we start researching an idea until the moment you press play. We absolutely love doing the show and are incredibly pleased you are considering being a part of it.  We do this show while having families and full time jobs and listener support is critical to the growth of the podcast.  We would love to generate enough support to cover the cost of the website, equipment, contests, and improve our podcast hosting.