Fireside Chat #7 (BONUS)

Every month we put out a show for our Patreon supporters which we have dubbed "Fireside Chats."  This show is available at the $5.00 level and once a month allows us to dig a little deeper into the last two shows we released.  This allows us the time to give you a glimpse into how our minds work.  I'll give you a little hint - we are crazy... which I think really shines through in this format.

This round we spend about one hour talking about the show and catching you up on some recent antics in the worlds of McKay and Gladstone.  We love doing these because they are fun and we really hope you enjoy.

If you want more then you are in luck because there are six other episodes just waiting to be heard.  Just head on over to PATREON to get signed up. 

Thank you and #StayTwined