Fireside Chat #1

Every month we will be releasing a Fireside Chat episode to our Patreon site which will be exclusive to those subscribers who have selected the $5 reward level and above.  It is a neat show where we talk about some behind the scenes stuff related to the Podcast as well as each individual episode.  This is our first Fireside Chat which we have decided to post to the regular feed to give you a taste of our Patreon BONUS content.  

This episode covers the creation of the show and episodes 1-8.  If you like what you hear please consider heading over to and becoming one of our wonderful supporters.  If you are already supporting the show, don't worry, there will be so much more coming.

We appreciate Seven Story Ruin letting us use their music for the opening and closing of this episode.  To find out more about Seven Story Ruin please click HERE.

Thank you and #StayTwined