Finger Food # 1 – Portlandia

We plan to publish new episodes every two weeks but are committed to delivering you interesting and entertaining content.  Our first such offering outside of the podcast family is something we at entwined are calling Finger Food. Basically McKay and Gladstone put together an interesting tidbit to share and post it to the news feed. Hopefully with enough fiber we can keep different kinds of Finger Food coming with predictable regularity.  Our first tasty morsel comes to us from Elliot Gladstone.

Credit | IFC

Credit | IFC

For those of you who haven’t made a habit of watching the IFC television show, Portlandia let me give you a modicum of context.  The show is based on the City of Portland’s begrudgingly adopted slogan, Keep Portland Weird.  The show is amazing, spending the majority of its time slow dancing with the nerdy kid who keeps plastered to the wall of the school gymnasium.  Portlandia takes a friendly jab at the people living in the Northwest in a pleasantly absurd way which found a path into the hearts of people across the county.

Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein are the two people most responsible for the show which has been churning out episodes since 2011.  Before Portlandia, Armisen was a regular on Saturday Night Live which is where he first met Brownstein.  The two started putting together little skits Brownstein would create and publish them on the web when the idea for the show was born.

Portlandia is a weird and wonderful show but what is even more interesting is something both co-creators had in common before they met in 2003.  The two actors became famous for their humor, their writing, and their acting but what really connects them is what they did before they became actors.  Interestingly enough both Armsien and Brownstein played significant roles in American rock bands.  Armisen was the drummer for a band called Trenchmouth and spent a few years as a backup drummer in The Blue Man Group.  Brownstein has played guitar in a few bands, the most noteworthy is a band called Sleater-Kinney which is still making music today, check it out.

The two together are hilarious!