Finger Food 27 - What Does it Mean?

The internet can be a confusing and dangerous place.  That is pretty much it.  I could stop right there and you could all go home happy knowing this week’s Finger Food offering hit the nail squarely on the head.  The dangers are real, almost omnipresent, and despite best efforts it’s clear protection can come only from abstinence. Stay away and you have a shot.  Stay away and you might miss the creepers trolling your email box trying to motivate you to share the few dollars you have with a Prince in North Africa.  Or even better, you might miss the countless Viagra ads and tricky hidden boxes designed to steal mouse clicks and navigate you out of your identity.  What’s that? Someone used my credit card in Canada to get tires and a Slurpee?  No way!  How could this happen? 

I don’t know about you, but I log on daily.  Heck, I am pretty much always connected in some way or another.  Did you know, they make dishwashers that can connect to the web?  Why!?  I have no idea but I am sure it has something to do with allowing my wife ample time to leave the house to ensure I am the one who unloads it.  Like a little warning on her cell phone that says, “Dishwasher done – leave now!”  But seriously, I am totally connected and I love it.  I take all the dangers with a grain of salt and a shot of Johnnie Walker because being able get whatever you need when you need it seems worth it to me.

It is worth the weird replies on Twitter for sure.  Most of the time those are hilariously attempts to get me to buy something which sounds interesting but the grammar is so incredibly poor its clearly too good to be true.  Who says, and this is a direct quote “Dear Sir – I want share lots, friend, every always we can communicate.  For call always. Thanks you.”  What does this even mean??!!  Thanks you?  The comment was a reply to a tweet I sent about a football game and I can only guess this person might have maybe disagreed with me?  There was a link attached which I never clicked because, well, spam, and internet fraud and all that jazz.  Oh, I was tempted but no I never clicked.

But here is the thing.  For every weird or scary thing you find lurking on the internet there are an equal or greater number of freaking cool things. 

Like this video, the internet thing which has most recently blown my mind – How to fry an Egg.  Seems simple but I found out I am doing it totally wrong.  It is in moments like this, cooking and tasting an egg in a new but wonderful way that makes the whole internet thing easier to digest. 

Thanks You...

- Elliot