Episode Rewind

P.S. McKay and I started this project back in April and in the release of Episode 1 we neglected to include any background music.  The episode contained a few mistakes and moved too quickly, but the content was good.

So for all our wonderful Patrons I remixed the episode to include background music. To make things interesting I stepped up our game a bit on the song selection.  This is available for our Patrons at www.patreon.com/entwined as well as on your private RSS feed for all reward levels. Yep - drop by and give us as little as a Nickel and you get access to the remixed episode.  Its definitely worth the 5 cents!

If you find yourself becoming a Patron and give the remix a listen then we would love to get your comments after you listen to it. Did you enjoy it as much the 2nd time?  Was it better with music?  Do you want more fun, remixed episodes going forward? Some other crazy questions I never thought of? Hit us up on Twitter, Facebook, Google, or via e-mail.  

Thank you and #StayTwined