Giveaway Time! Enter to Win!


Yesterday we posted our 6th episode and have been live for just over 6 weeks.  To celebrate our first few months we wanted to host a T-Shirt giveaway.  We will be giving away ONE original entwined shirt to a lucky listener for doing a very simple task. 

All you have to do to be entered is pick your favorite episode from the list below and tweet or share it on Facebook with the Hastag #StayTwined.  Everyone loves a cool shirt.

Scroll down a bit and find your favorite episode, click the link, and then the share icon at the bottom of the page. Then just select twitter or Facebook and remember the Hastag! If your profile is private please make sure to tag us in your post so we will be able to view it. Here is an example of a Twitter post:

The winner will be randomly selected on June 10th which means all tweets and posts must occur before 11:59pm PST on June 9th. The winner will receive the shirt pictured above (Size Large).  The entwined shirt is almost as cool as Mabel's light up sweatshirt from Disney's Gravity Falls.... Almost.