Finger Food # 3 - Grammar

Here at we feel responsible to release content to the news feed which has been properly spell checked 27 times and then reviewed for grammatical mistakes by a witch, three chickens, and some guy who knew Dave Grohl’s college roommate.  Yes, we know what an Oxford comma is, and how to use one, wait, I mean where to use it, or is it when to use it. Nevertheless, people now a days tend to get more information from Facebook then they do from any other place, and the difference between a serial comma, and an Oxford comma are entirely unimportant.

Social media posts are littered with grammatical mistakes.  One poster took the time to update his status about his boss, proclaiming that “Your an idiot!!!”  Now I am absolutely in love with the multiple exclamation marks, but the employee who posted the loving remarks about his boss fails to hit the mark with his usage of the word “Your.” If you’re looking at the disgruntled post and wondering what could possibly be the mistake in the sentence above, well, you’re in a safe place.  No judgement here.  People can be harsh, which in most cases stems from their desire to grandstand on the one portion of 8th grade English they are able to remember. Your and you’re sound almost identical in conversation, and the employee’s post above, although hilarious for its (not It’s) mistake, doesn’t really matter.

I was fortunate enough to stumble across this amazing clip from the television show, The Big Bang Theory, which pretty much sums up how absurd, how fun, and how hilarious grammar can be.  We are not perfect, we do our best, and here at entwined we love to dangle our participles with the best of them.