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Finger Food # 2 - Fermi Paradox

We are in the week between podcast releases which means more Finger Food for you.  This serving comes to us from P.S. McKay. Bon appetit!

It was over a casual lunch. In an experimental lab in the 1950's one of the fathers of the Atomic Bomb was discussing a rash of theft of municipal trash cans in the area. One fellow scientist blamed it on UFO's which was based on the rash of sightings recently.

There was a good laugh to be had through all of it. How ridiculous the idea of aliens going around neighborhoods and stealing random trash cans.

Then Dr. Fermi stopped and suddenly said, "Then where are they?"

It as a poignant question that was immediately understood among his coworkers. The idea behind it is the universe is widely understood to be roughly 13 billion years old. There are many nearby stars that are many millions of years older than the Earth's current star. Given the idea that there are so many different stars, so many different possibilities for life, then where are they?

By that logic, even using earth technology that was slightly higher in advancement from 1950's tech, aliens should have been able to colonize or make contact with the rest of the galaxy within 5 to 50 million years of that advancement. While that seems like a long time for an alien civilization to develop, that is just a blink of an eye not only from a geological standpoint, but especially from a cosmological view.

With that understood, then where are all the aliens?


5 Star Review!

Today was a HUGE day for us here at entwined podcast because we reached a significant milestone.

Today we received our first review from someone who hosts a podcast from a similar category to entwined in iTunes.  This review comes from one of the creators of History Goes Bump.  We are grateful for the feedback and look forward to getting out another episode in just over one week.  History Goes Bump is a great podcast and you can click the image to the left to give it a listen.  

Can't Stop The Feeling

So this has nothing to do with anything podcast related, but, well its really freaking good. JT just dropped this video yesterday and it's already a hit.  If haven't heard the song yet because you live in a cave, or hate having fun then go ahead, press play.  And for the rest of the population, yep, you can press play too and "just dance, dance, dance!"

Rock the Vote!

P.S. McKay is putting the finishing touches on Finger Food # 2 which should be available Monday.  Finger Food content is scheduled to release in the week between each podcast episode.  Your feedback has been amazing and we love being able to research and deliver interesting and entertaining content.  Thank you for coming along for the ride.

In the meantime Elliot Gladstone is working on a few ideas for Finger Food # 3 and we thought we would give you an opportunity to vote on which topic you find more interesting. 

Yes, you get to decide! 

Here is your task and by all means take it seriously.  Please view each of the videos to the right and then vote for the topic that is the most interesting to you.  The videos are not necessarily the exact topic Gladstone plans to discuss but in true entwined fashion he is bound to leave you with something both interesting and entertaining.  Even if you have no preference to what comes next on the website  go ahead and check out the videos because, well, American Classics.

Finger Food # 3 - Fan Vote!!!

Finger Food # 1 – Portlandia

We plan to publish new episodes every two weeks but are committed to delivering you interesting and entertaining content.  Our first such offering outside of the podcast family is something we at entwined are calling Finger Food. Basically McKay and Gladstone put together an interesting tidbit to share and post it to the news feed. Hopefully with enough fiber we can keep different kinds of Finger Food coming with predictable regularity.  Our first tasty morsel comes to us from Elliot Gladstone.

Credit | IFC

Credit | IFC

For those of you who haven’t made a habit of watching the IFC television show, Portlandia let me give you a modicum of context.  The show is based on the City of Portland’s begrudgingly adopted slogan, Keep Portland Weird.  The show is amazing, spending the majority of its time slow dancing with the nerdy kid who keeps plastered to the wall of the school gymnasium.  Portlandia takes a friendly jab at the people living in the Northwest in a pleasantly absurd way which found a path into the hearts of people across the county.

Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein are the two people most responsible for the show which has been churning out episodes since 2011.  Before Portlandia, Armisen was a regular on Saturday Night Live which is where he first met Brownstein.  The two started putting together little skits Brownstein would create and publish them on the web when the idea for the show was born.

Portlandia is a weird and wonderful show but what is even more interesting is something both co-creators had in common before they met in 2003.  The two actors became famous for their humor, their writing, and their acting but what really connects them is what they did before they became actors.  Interestingly enough both Armsien and Brownstein played significant roles in American rock bands.  Armisen was the drummer for a band called Trenchmouth and spent a few years as a backup drummer in The Blue Man Group.  Brownstein has played guitar in a few bands, the most noteworthy is a band called Sleater-Kinney which is still making music today, check it out.

The two together are hilarious! 

"Beauty Survives"

     Photo Credit | Lonely Planet

     Photo Credit | Lonely Planet

P.S. McKay is working episode #4 which should be ready to consume this weekend. To get you in the right mood we included the above picture which may or may not be related to the topic he is working on.  We are now over 200 subscribers to the podcast feed and we are so grateful for your support! Remember to subscribe in iTunes to help us move up the charts so people can find the show. 

Doing Work

So if you have been listening to the podcast you have noticed there are two main contributors to the show, Elliot Gladstone and P.S. McKay.  Each is responsible for their own shows, and its content but the two men work closely together to ensure the podcast is production quality which can be difficult.  Today we found this GIF which seems to sum it up pretty nicely. 

Thanks for listening and remember to subscribe and rate our show wherever you get your podcasts.  Episode #3 is out and live, and the next episode should be ready towards the end of the week.

Creative Process

Every show starts with a script.  P.S. McKay and Elliot Gladstone spend hours in front of a computer doing research on individual show concepts.  Once they have a lay of the land they jump into creative mode [reminder - this is not a Minecraft Podcast] and put words, well, into Word.  

This image comes from the text of Episode # 3 which should have the finishing touches put on it this weekend and posted sometime on Monday. Please remember to subscribe wherever you get your podcasts and thank you again for listening to our show!  

CLXV - Significant Milestone!

This morning we reached 165 subscribers to the entwined podcast feed!!! That would be CLXV for those stubborn listeners out there still using Roman Numerals. Thank you so much for your support. We have a lot of great ideas for future shows and are excited to get to work creating interesting and entertaining content. Please remember to subscribe & rate to the show where ever you get your podcasts [iTunes, Stitcher, Pocket Casts, TuneIn Radio, Google Play.]


Thank you!

In just a few short days we have already hit 90 subscribers to our entwined podcast feed which is amazing!  Thank you so much for your support!  We originally planned to release episode 2 in a few weeks but your response to our show has made us want to get episode 2 out much faster.  

So to get you excited about episode 2 we thought we would tease you with a picture of the subject of P.S. McKay's first episode.  

Podcast Introduction

I have put together an introduction to be played at the opening of each show.  P.S. McKay and I will each have similar introductions for the shows we host.  Please feel free to share your comments and thoughts in the section below.  Looking forward to releasing the first episode soon!

I would like to share a special thank you to the band Seven Story Ruin for allowing the use of a portion of their music.  The clip above comes from the song Gasoline Dreams and can be found on the album "Dead Men Tell No Tales."